I AM, stated together are arguably two of the most powerful words in existence.  When we take a moment to think about those two words in context, they don’t just describe us, they define and create us emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

From the time we are babies and learn to talk we are taught to identify ourselves with the words “I Am”.  I am a girl or boy, I am black, white, asian, creole, etc, I am happy or sad, I am good or bad.  As we move on through life we continue to define and create ourselves with these two words; I am fat or thin, I am pretty or ugly, I am gay or straight, I am popular or I am unpopular, I am successful or I am a failure.

Only when we realize the true power behind “I AM” can we begin to use these two little words to create and define our best selves.

What is the power of these two words?

The two words, I AM are a declaration of fact.  They are similar to “I have”.  When you are holding a ball in your hand, you say, “I have a ball”; you don’t say, “I want a ball” or “I need a ball”.  You make a declarative factual statement about holding the ball.  The same premise holds true for the words “I am”.  When you say, “I am fat” or “I am ugly” or “I am bad”.  You are stating a fact to Spirit and Spirit will oblige you by allowing that energy to flow into your existence.  Conversely, when you say, “I am healthy” or “I am handsome” or “I am a good and deeply Spiritual person”; Spirit will begin to allow those truths to flow into your experience.

Statements like these work on us on a couple of different levels.  First, they tell Spirit to open the floodgates of positivity into our life.  Second, they begin to reprogram our brain and our emotional selves to see that these statements are true and they begin to help us deeply believe the statements.  That second part is probably the more important of the two.  You see, once you start changing your internal narrative and you begin to believe these statements internally, your external narrative will change and Spirit will follow suit.

Once we start on path of telling ourselves the truth about “I AM” our whole lives begin to change.  We become more confident in ourselves, we become more grounded in our beliefs, we begin to take control our own power and can then channel that power into creating our best life.  If you, like me, are of a Spiritual Faith that works with Magick; I AM is even more important.  When we truly believe that we live in an energetic world and that we can work with and within these natural energies we become even more powerful creators.  The words “I AM” give a power boost to those workings, “I am a powerful energy worker” or “I am a powerful magician or Witch” or “I am an open channel for Spirit (insert your patron Deity in place of Spirit if you choose).

These two words affect us on a more mundane level as well.  Consider meeting someone for the first time.  When you shake hands with this new person and introduce yourself, what do you say?  I took sometime to really ask myself this question and I realized an unsettling truth.  For me, the first words I spoke when I met someone for the first time were, “Hi, I’m Mark, The Director of Information Technology for CrescentCare.”  What I noticed was the very first defining sentence out of my mouth was about my job, my job defined my life.  I was a little shocked by this revelation, after all, I am so much more than the work I do.  Once I realized this, I changed the narrative.  Now I simply introduce myself as Mark, then let the conversation flow from there and slowly reveal things about myself in due course.

What about you?

I pose this question to you:  What is your narrative?  What are you declaring about yourself to Spirit?  What are declaring about yourself to the mundane world?  What are you declaring about yourself to yourself?

If you answer any of these questions in a negative way, it is time to change your narrative and start using the power of “I AM”.


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